Apr 2017

What happens after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy

Since bankruptcy law is based upon Federal Law and not State Law, you will file your bankruptcy case in the Federal Court and that Court is in Richmond, Virginia if you live in the surrounding counties. If you would like to know which counties file in Richmond, please call us at 804-355-1800 and we will be happy to check to see if your county is included in the Richmond Division.


Apr 2017

How to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy through your lawyer in Richmond Virginia

Once you have paid all the fees you have been quoted and provided us with all the documents we have requested from you, we will set you an appointment to sign your petition and at that time, once you have reviewed all the paperwork thoroughly and signed where required, we will file the petition with the court.  At this time, and not before, you will have all the protections given by federal law against collection as well as from being sued in state court for nonpayment.


Apr 2017

The following types of creditors are generally not dis-chargeable in a chapter 7 case under current law although some exceptions can apply: